End of our RV Adventure – By Ben & Dan


We found that we had become strangely attached to our “home from home” when it came to dropping the RV off in Vegas last Friday, but then again, looking at the following, perhaps it’s easy to understand why:

– 4,565 miles driven in 35 days (we planned for 2,500!);

– 12 National Parks or Monuments visited;

– 10 of America’s 50 States visited;

– 3 States driven through in one day on 2 separate occasions;

– Continental Divide crossed twice;

– Highest continuously paved highway in N America successfully navigated (it was closed because of 3 foot snow only 3 days beforehand)

– Major rock fall in Yellowstone narrowly avoided;

– 18 different campsites/RV Parks stayed at;

– 522 gallons and an eye watering $1,828 spent on fuel (memorable for not such good reasons!)

– 3 minor traffic violations early on in the trip, fortunately when no police officers were present!

What an awesome adventure, one that we hope that none of us will ever forget!

P1030200P1030218P1020922 P1020875 P1020863
P1020732 P1020496 P1020476 P1020464 P1020310 P1020027 P1010779 P1010777P1010569 P1010584P1010559 P1000922

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  1. Sharon Smith says:

    I hope you got club points for all that fuel Ben !

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