The Walker Family


We are the Walkers, a family of four from Surrey in the United Kingdom; two adults and two kids, both boys, aged 7 and 9.  We are planning to head off on our year long family travels in August 2014.  Our itinerary includes, Canada, USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.  Wish us luck!

Sept 2014 : We finally left the UK Sep 2014 with Daniel our nephew substituting for Mum while she recovers from a back op and planning to be together beginning of October in Denver, Colorado.

Oct 2014 :  All together again.  The Walker 4 are now in South America and onwards having left Daniel to continue his American travels until December 2014.

Aug 2015 : Travelling around Australia for 6 months has added a bit of time onto our itinerary, more like a Gap Year and a Half!  Next stop South East Asia….

Jan 2016 : Back in Australia for a relaxing Christmas and New Year, and time to consider what next?

April 2016 : We are now living in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.



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