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We are the Walkers, a family of four from Surrey in the United Kingdom; two adults and two kids, both boys, aged 7 and 9.  We are planning to head off on our year long family travels in August 2014.  Our itinerary includes, Canada, USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.  Wish us luck!

Sept 2014 : We finally left the UK Sep 2014 with Daniel our nephew substituting for Mum while she recovers from a back op and planning to be together beginning of October in Denver, Colorado.

Oct 2014 :  All together again.  The Walker 4 are now in South America and onwards having left Daniel to continue his American travels until December 2014.

Aug 2015 : Travelling around Australia for 6 months has added a bit of time onto our itinerary, more like a Gap Year and a Half!  Next stop South East Asia….

Jan 2016 : Back in Australia for a relaxing Christmas and New Year, and time to consider what next?

April 2016 : We are now living in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.



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  1. Neil Wild says:

    have an amazing experience all of you…. will be following your progress.

  2. John Godin says:

    Enjoy your “Gap” year…. look forward to reading all about your upcoming adventure.

  3. Tamara says:

    Bon voyage! Best of luck and thrilling adventures.

  4. Joe Walsh says:

    Hi Cameron
    how are you doing in Canada ?Its really fun in year five, leaving for Liddington in 4 days .hope you have a good time on your travels. We have a football tournamant tomorrow against Homefield.Im in the C team. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures. Love Joe

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi Joe

      Hope you are enjoying year five so far, thanks for the message. Canada was really spectacular we went in a sea plane on are last day there. I’m sure you will have a great time in Liddington and score some goals in your match!!!

      Good Luck From Cameron:-)

  5. Max & Ellie says:

    Hi Ollie & Cameron, We are following your blog and really like the RV and the all the places you are visiting. Where do you get all the water from for the shower and toilet? Have you seen any bears, moose or deadly spiders on your trip yet? What’s the best thing you have done so far?
    Year 3 is quite good, rugby has started and we played our first school football match last week against St.Mary’s and we won 4-1.
    Cam – Liddington was great apart from the yuckie food. We did raft building, abseiling, archery and jacobs ladder. Year 5 is different as you move around all the time.
    Miss you all.
    Max and Ellie

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi Max and Ellie, good to hear from you, some good questions. The water is held in a big tank underneath the RV or we connect a hose to the RV park’s water system. We have seen some bald eagles and a snake skin that had been shed, but we have not seen any other deadly animals yet. We probably will see some though and will let you know if we do. We went rafting today and saw some deer by the side of the river feeding. They were very pretty, and stared at us as we went down the river. We saw some elk at Mt St Helens National Park – elk are similar to deer but much bigger, and with big horns.
      The best thing (Ollie) that I have done so far is the rafting because we went down some awesome rapids. My best thing (Cam), so far was the EMP museum, which I wrote about in my Blog. I also really enjoyed the sea plane flight because it was so much fun taking off from the sea and then sweeping around over Vancouver before landing again.
      Well done Max for winning your football match, and I hope that Rugby is good. How is your new teacher?
      Wow, Ellie, sounds like you had a great time at Liddington, did you also do the Zip wire and quad biking? What was wrong about the food?
      We also miss you guys a lot, please keep in touch and check out the Blog.
      Cam and Olliexx

  6. Ben & Lou says:

    Hey guys, looks like you’re having an awesome time already and great to follow your progress and see some pictures. Also great to see Capilano which we took the boys to and have an identical picture of boy and bear. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys and hope you make the next few weeks as lads only!

    Ben & Lou

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi Ben, great to hear from you, yes, we’re having a terrific time, we loved Vancouver and are only sorry that we didn’t have more time there. I need to update the blog but over the past week we’ve been travelling across Oregon, Idaho and into Montana/Wyoming to visit Yellowstone. The Park is amazing, so much to see and really varied scenery – gorges, geysers, open meadows – you guys would love it. Adele is flying out next week so we are looking forward that after nearly 6 weeks on tour! Hope you guys are all well. Ben, Cam & Ollie

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