Los Angeles & San Diego, California.

Putting these two together doesn’t seem right as they both deserve their own blog, but by the time we get back to our accommodation each night we are just too tired to sit and write. So you can imagine how hard schooling is! In both LA and SD we decided to give AirBnB a go, and our experience was great. In LA we stayed on Hollywood Boulevard at the Dixie Hollywood Hotel, but in the owners apartment rather than a room that was bigger and as Cameron describes ‘more like a home’. An added bonus was that the hotel is in “Thai town” so we had took advantage of this by having 2 dinners at the Thai BBQ, only 100 yards away.

We spenP1030552t our short time iP1030577n LA doing the main tourist things, driving through Griffith Park to see the Hollywood Sign, driving along Sunset Boulevard, walking on the ‘stars’ stars and seeing if our handprints were as big as Daniel Radcliffe’s outside the Grauman Chinese Theater, all must-dos but a bit run down too. Go a bit further out of the main drag though and you are in some very nice spots. We really enjoyed the Farmers Market for some great Southern Gumbo. And of course we went to Universal Studios that was unusually quiet so we could just walk onto any ride – the joy of being here off-season! Another LA highlight was the fascinating Le Brea Tar Pits, right in the heart of the City, where they have been excavating huge numbers of ice age animal bones (including woolly mammoths and sabre toothed cats) for the past 100 years.













San Diego is beautiful. We stayed at Kimberly & Scott’s Pool House, another Airbnb home, located in the beautiful La Jolla area. With their recommendation we went swimming at La Jolla Cove and were surprised to be sharing the beach with sea lions. The big male in the photo surfed in on a wave just as Cameron was about to get it, he almost walked on water trying to get out of his way! (They will bite if threatened). We also visited the USS Midway, a decommissioned 1,000 foot long Aircraft Carrier that served as the Navy nerve centre of Operation Desert Storm in 1992. Cameron and Ollie got to sit in the “Mini boss’s” chair during the tour so that they could pretend to direct the planes landing. We are definitely coming back to San Diego again.

P1030727P1030699After an epic 7 weeks together, sadly we had to say goodbye to Dan in San Diego, since we are both embarking on the next leg of our respective journeys – we are heading back east to Miami before flying to Rio De Janeiro, while Dan has another 7 weeks in the USA where we he is planning to travel back up the Pacific coast. We left him at a brightly painted hostel at Pacific Beach, both of us reminded of our own back packing days in our 20’s!!!








Dan's first backpackers

Dan’s first backpackers

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6 Responses to Los Angeles & San Diego, California.

  1. Phil says:

    Brilliant stuff! I need you both to manage my mid life crisis.

    Keep up the posts – I read them in my meetings at work.

    You’ve missed not a lot here – Cameron (The PM) missed the small print in the Euro treaty about tax rebates and confessed to not doing detail in the NHS reforms – oh and they also forgot to ensure we had enough power stations for the winter (is this too political?)

    • Adele says:

      Hi Phil, good to hear from you and get an update on the state of the nation! Joking aside, we’ve not been following the news at home too closely so it’s good to get your commentary! Looks like Dave is making it hard to get himself re-elected. We’re in Brazil now, 4 hours south of Rio where we spent 5 days. Not missing the drive to Hammersmith much! Hope all ok and glad that we’re helping you stay awake in meetings. Love to Laura as well. Enjoy thirsty Friday this week and give my best to the fellas. Ben

  2. James says:

    Amazing cameron and ollie were your hands as big as Daniel radcliffes and in school we’ve been writing letters to you.

    • Cameron Walker says:

      Hi James

      No our hands were way smaller than Daniel’s hands. At school is it a lesson that everyone is writing letters to me? Please give people my email address if they want to email me. We are now at a nice resort in Paraty which is 4 hours away from Rio De Janeiro and are having fun on the table tennis and in the swimming pool!

  3. stephen mcdonnell says:

    Wow looks like your really getting into your stride in the States. I am dead pleased you liked San Diego as it is my favourite place in the USA. I tend to get out there at least once a year flying training and am always impressed. Midway is stupid big, you keep forgetting you are on a ship! It looks like after the natural beauty of the national parks you are embracing the utter capitalist playground that is the west coast. No doubt you are all clad in Hollister board shorts and calling everything ‘Gnarly’. All power to you and enjoy Miami, only in America would you get the worlds biggest amusement park in the worlds biggest retirement home!
    Happy trails…

    • Adele says:

      So jealous you get to visit every year, no chance of getting bored. The national parks were amazing but I am a sucker for a chai latte and SD is very designer with a cool beach vibe. Hollister might be a little too hip for us but we could happily live here as it reminds me of the North Shore in Sydney. The Midway was ‘epic’ according to Ollie especially when they got to sit in the ‘Boss’ seat on the flight deck which was all very Top Gun with Tomcats etc all lined up (but sadly no Val Kilmer lookalikes).

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