Do’s and don’ts for driving an RV in the USA



Since we clocked up our 1,000th mile today, and I’m now clearly an expert RV driver, I thought I’d outline what I’ve learned so far about driving in the USA:
1. DON’T pull out of a gas station on the wrong side of the road when there’s a large lorry approaching from the opposite direction (fortunately travelling slowly!)
2. DON’T run a red light 10 minutes after collecting the RV, it does nothing for your credibility, not least with your fellow passengers!
3. DO read up on different state laws before you let your child travel in the front seat as the rules seems to vary from state to state;
4. DO be patient and avoid the temptation to “self fill” your car at a gas station in Oregon as its illegal, and can result in a $1,000 fine – this lesson was given to me by an irate attendant, no doubt concerned about losing his job!
5. DO always watch your rear end, especially when turning corners, because it has a tendency to “swing out”.
The photo has nothing to do with the above except for the fact that Crater Lake is the place that we reached this significant mileage “milestone”.


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  1. Stephen McDonnell says:

    Awesome so pleased you are having a brilliant adventure. Here are some little tit bits I tend to live by in the states.
    1. Be polite everyone has a gun.
    2. No matter how tempted you are do not accept an eating challenge.
    3. Yes a human can actually be that size.
    4. No one walks……. At all.
    5. It is illegal to cross the street…. Even when you have abided by the green cross code.
    6. Waiters and waitresses are brilliant in the USA so tip well.
    7. Like you I also have been caught out by laws changing dependant on post code.
    8. I mean it everyone is armed! Even little old ladies.

  2. Nancy Huffman says:

    I see you decided to see Crater Lake after all. It is truly beautiful. We are finally home and excited about our trip next month to Pacific City,Oregon.

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi Nancy, yes, we deliberated and looked at the weather forecasts and although a close run thing we decided to come down here which was a long days’ driving from Cougar. Thankfully, we’ve been blessed with stunning weather and we’ve managed to have a great day at the Lake yesterday and went rafting on the Rogue River today. We really did appreciate all of your advice, please don’t think we ignored it, we just decided on balance that Crater would be a better option. The boys haven’t stopped talking about you guys since we left, and they have both just asked me to say hello. Keep in touch, and have a wonderful trip to Pacific City. Say hi to Chuck and Donna.

  3. Tony Brown says:

    Sounds like your driving hasn’t improved in the 24 years since we tore around Arizona in the Subaru !

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