Travelling in the RV. By Ollie

We arrived at the Paradise RV site at 9.30pm on Friday after a 5- hour drive from Seattle. I got to sleep on the bed that was converted from the table. The RV is just like a house and has everything you need such as a toilet and shower. The next day we met some very nice people called Nancy, Chuck and Donna, with their cute dog, Chiquitita. She is a Chiweenie, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachsund.

Yesterday, we went on a 5- mile hike in Mt Rainier National Park to see an epic view of Mt Rainer, which is 14,400 ft. high. We saw a cute and fluffy Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel and some Jays in the huge trees. I am looking forward to visiting Mt St Helens tomorrow because there was a huge explosion there in 1980. The whole of one side of the mountain blew off, and a new active volcano has grown in the middle since then.

I am really enjoying the trip so far but I am missing Mum and I can’t wait to see her in Denver in 3 weeks’ time.


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  1. Nick says:

    Howdy travellers, just been reading all your travel blogs, sounds amazing. The poor bear looks terrified behind Ollie and the RV looks cool. Hope you got to see the volcanoes. Have fun. Cheers, Nick xx

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hey big fella – thanks for the note, we’re all good, in the RV, as you’ve seen and really enjoying the freedom. Managed to see Mt St Helens yesterday and going to a different viewpoint tomorrow. Today we visited a place called Ape Cave, which is a 2 mile long tunnel formed when a lava flow cooled. Pitch black and 42 degrees so needed torches and fleeces. Had a BBQ on camp fire next to RV this evening, nice T Bone steak and salad – yum!! Hope all ok with you guys and all in place for Jack and Soton. Give our love to all. Benj

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi guys, sorry we didn’t respond sooner but you have no doubt been following our progress on the blog – all good here, the past week has been amazing seeing all the volcanoes and Crater Lake is simply stunning. The drives are long but the scenery is breathtaking and varied, with high desert, mountains and dense forests. Today we went rafting for 5 miles down the Rogue River, with no guide – pretty tame rapids but more than enough as a starter for the boys. We’re heading off east tomorrow and have an 800 mile drive to Yellowstone which we will stagger over 4 days since we’re not in a rush!! Hope you are well, I expect that Jack is in Soton already? Love to all, Benx

  2. Julie says:

    Hi guys,
    Looks as though you’re all having a great time – and certainly not going hungry, going by the photos of your chinese!! Cam and Oli – I hope you’re looking after my baby for me (that’s Dan for anyone reading this blog who doesn’t know me!!) and keeping your Dad in line! Love reading your blogs – keep ’em coming!
    Love to all, (Aunty) Julie xx

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hey Jules, thanks for the message, and sorry for not responding sooner, I know that Dan’s been in regular contact though. We’re having a blast, I won’t say that there haven’t been some challenges, and the boys can be a handful, but Dan is the perfect travelling companion for us all – totally relaxed and even willing to put up with my OCD tendencies (sweeping the RV floor, for example!)!. And of course, the boys love him and tell me that he is much more fun than me – I’m the bad guy that tries to keep them in line!! Hope all is ok with you guys, love to you, Chris and Adamxx

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