A Visit to Seattle’s EMP Museum – by Cameron

P1000585Earlier this week, we visited the brilliant EMP Museum in Seattle, which is about art, film and music.  The best part was the Science Fiction area where Ollie and I saw a variety of cool props, costumes, masks and suits that were on display.  There was an original Dalek and Cyberman model from Doctor Who, and these were much bigger than we expected them to be.

We skipped the horror section because some of the masks scared the life out of us.  The music section, upstairs, was excellent because it had lots sound rooms with different instruments that we could experiment with. There was even a DJ’s mixing desk where Ollie and I clicked every button to test the different sounds.

The Museum is a weird and whacky shape with lots of different colours that we hadn’t seen before.   We would definitely visit it again next time we are in Seattle.



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7 Responses to A Visit to Seattle’s EMP Museum – by Cameron

  1. Tamara says:

    Wow! Sounds like you are having a fantastic trip–and it’s just beginning! Looking forward to further adventures. 🙂

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi Tamara, thanks for the note, nice to hear from you. We are certainly packing things in, if we continue at this rate then we’ll be exhausted and out of money in about 4 more weeks! Hope all ok with you. Ben

  2. Tony Brown says:

    Hi Benny
    Sounds like it’s been an action packed first week away.Thought the bear in the photo with Oli looked had a remarkable likeness to you.
    Assume you’re picking up the RV soon-that will be a laugh I’m sure.

    • Ben Walker says:

      Thanks mate, a predictable comment but I’d be disappointed with anything else! Yep, we pick up the RV tomorrow, to be honest I am a bit anxious about the size of it but as long as I don’t have to turn any corners I should be fine! Hope you guys are ok, and had a great time in Oz. Say hi to the boys from Cam and Ollie, we are looking forward to seeing you in Miami in October. BW

  3. Adele says:

    Hi Cam, this is a great post. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and even did some ‘school work’ too!

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi James

      Did you get my email last week? Hope Liddington was good fun. Today I went rafting on the Rogue River and went over some amazing rapids and soaked Dad and Daniel with water pistols,but but they soaked us back! Hear from you soon.

      From Cameron

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