Crater Lake Plunge!!! – By Cameron

P1010393Yesterday, we took a long, steep hike down to Crater Lake.  At nearly 2,000 feet, it is the deepest lake in North America and the 9th deepest in the world. The water is crystal clear and pure blue because the lake is only filled with rain and snow. We saw lots of aggressive crayfish in the water and they were about the same size as my hand. We came across a cliff area with a high, rocky ledge with loads of people catapulting of the edge into the water. The water was ice cold and gave you goose bumps all over. I was watching every person who jumped over the edge of the cliff and this inspired me to do it.


As I was preparing to do my crazy jump, I peered over the steep edge of the cliff and realized how tall it actually was. I thought of how mad I was and then made my way to the jumping point. Then I just leapt off the rock and plummeted feet first into the water! The water didn’t feel as cold any more. I was now swimming in Crater Lake, and I decided to jump 5 more times because the sensation of flying into the water was so cool.P1010421


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7 Responses to Crater Lake Plunge!!! – By Cameron

  1. nick thomas says:

    Aggressive crayfish!
    Crazy jump?
    Big girl’s blouse – looks like falling off a log!
    Anyway have fun. Jealous.


  2. Sharon Smith says:

    Cameron that jump looked pretty impressive especially as it was into a crayfish infested lake. Those aggressive crayfish didn’t look like that cheweenie did they ? Your description makes me want to visit that lake someday. S x

  3. Nick Thomas says:

    Cameron – apologies it was you post about the crazy jump. I thought it was your dad! In that case it was very brave. bet dad didn’t manage it – those crayfish would have spooked him!

    Have fun
    Nick, max, els, jill

  4. stephen mcdonnell says:

    Cam my friend you are off the hook!
    I have done some stuff in my time but you are living the dream. Its a good day when you conquer a fear and an even better day when you own it. Proud of you buddy.

  5. James Cameron says:

    Yo cam it is ammmmmmmmaaaaaazzzziinnnnggggg never could of done it so sad can’t be there thanks for the gift bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeee

  6. Ben Walker says:

    Hiiiiiii James

    Hope school is fun so far.
    Happy birthday for next week!!! Glad you liked the big foot fridge magnet. How was Liddington? Was it awesome? Is Mr Raja nice? Today we are just about to head out into Yellowstone National Park and yesterday we were feeding grizzly bears at a rehabilitation centre for animals which can’t be sent back into the wild.

    Hope to here from you soon.
    Cameron :^)

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