Paraty 2 – boats and waterfalls

P1040292We had such a great time at Paraty & Jabaquara Beach that we have decided to stay the rest of our 10 days here before heading back to Rio for our next flight.   Gerben & Joan have been a very accommodating hosts, brilliant at booking tours for us and advising us on the best places to go, and of course translating it all!! We went on a ‘boat trip’ that turned out to be a day on a lovely wooden schooner called Netuno II, taking us to other islands on the coastline for some deep water swimming. The boys swimming lessons now paying off as they were able to dive elegantly from the side of the schooner into the ocean and swim to the beach. Cameron was shocked when I did it too, making me wonder how old he thinks Ben & I actually are! Don’t let the grey hair fool you boy, 40 is definitely the new 30 for us!

P1040293 P1040291

Another day Gerbin recommended was a Jeep Tour that takes you to the cachoeira’s (waterfalls) for some fresh water swimming. One called the Toboga Waterfall was

Ben has no idea that the sign underneath this seat said "reserved for obese passengers"  oh how he laughed!!

Ben has no idea that the sign underneath this seat said “reserved for obese passengers” oh how he laughed!!

particularly well known for the ‘surfing’ done by the locals on the rocks. The photos here will show you exactly what that entails as shown by my very brave menfolk (obviously having back surgery ruled me out of this sport!). The boys are just blossoming in this freedom. Our guide did not speak any English but a lovely couple from Sao Paolo kindly translated for us and really made the trip with their friendly attitude and fun nature – we all laughed a lot as they taught us some new words. Ben is continuing to persevere with his language skills and despite asking for fried milk this morning, has managed to literally bring home the bacon, or in this case steak for a BBQ dinner but admits that his sign language for ‘sizzling’ might have confused things a little at the supermarket.






Ben also hired a car one day, very brave since we had experienced the local driving already, but when he drove it back to the hotel I couldn’t help but laugh – it’s not quite the Audi A5 he’s been after! We drove down the coast to the beach resort of Trindade that did have a Caribbean flavour to it, and a big mural of Bob Marley of course!

Beach at Trindade

Beach at Trindade


We do have to finally leave Paraty but it will be with genuine sadness, it has been a real pleasure to meet Gerben & Joan and the friendship the local boys showed to Cameron & Ollie, in particular Arthur & Thales was great for them. 10 year old boys do have the same interest the world over, as shown by them using Google Translate to write “bottom” to each other! Obrigada Paraty! Thank you!


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