Ollie’s Birthday in Arches National Park by OLLIE


P1020694For my 8th birthday I went to a Dinosaur Museum. It was very cool because there were real fossils and bones from the local area. The area was called the Dinosaur Diamond. Dan and Cameron bought me a copper and iron pyrite rock to add to my collection. We also went to the Arches National Park, which was an ancient salt lake that has now dried and eroded into breath taking sandstone arches and rock formations. It was really beautiful. ย We also saw a snake lying in the sun!


We found out that Landscape Arch lost some of itโ€™s structure on the exact day that Daniel was born, many, many years ago. Dad said the Earth literally moved the day Dan was born!


My Mum has now joined us too just in time for my birthday which made my day!

Birthday at a Diner!

Birthday at a Diner!





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20 Responses to Ollie’s Birthday in Arches National Park by OLLIE

  1. stephen mcdonnell says:

    Happy birthday Ollie. Dinosaur stuff looks awesome, you are so lucky the nearest I get to dinosaurs is visiting my dad! It is brilliant that the whole team is together now. Just remember lads there is a girl in the camp, so no sitting around watching telly in your pants. looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

  2. I am glad your birthday was so much fun and Mum could be there too!!!

  3. Nan Holloway says:

    Hi Ollie, Glad you had such a good birthday.It is lovely to see all the family together again.Keep sending photos as I am putting them all together in my Walker album.We are really looking forward to seeing you in February. We will have another birthday party when you get here. Love to everyone. Nan.xxxxx

    • Oliver Walker says:

      Thanks for the message Nan, I did have a really cool birthday. Another party would be even better! Lots of love, Ollie x

  4. Pop Holloway says:

    Hi Ollie,what a great place to have a birthday,in an area where dinosaurs once roamed
    I would love to have a look at some of those life size models that are in the museum.
    Take loads of photos we will really want to see some.
    Give our love to mum now that she is with you at last.

    • Oliver Walker says:

      Nice to hear from you Pop. The models were really cool, and there were enormous leg bones from a Diplodocus. One leg bone was the same size as Dad. What have you been doing at home? Lots of love Ollie x

  5. Uncle Rim says:


    Hope you had a great birthday with everyone. You are a very lucky lad seeing all those fossils.

    Your Dad’ll fit right in there as well

  6. Cathy says:

    Happy Birthday Ollie

  7. Auntie Sheila & Uncle Ian says:

    From Hannah, Are you having a nice time and have you seen any lions yet? The dinasoar was scary for me it looked as though it was going to bite your head off. Were you very scared when you went into that land? Have you seen any Indians yet or even Cowboys because they like to help people fight dinasoars. I hope those big mountains don’t fall on you, don’t get too close to them and try and keep yourself safe. Now that you are a year older you will be very brave but watch out for those lions. Lots of love Hannah .

    • Oliver Walker says:

      Hi Hannah, we have not seen any lions yet but we did see some mountain lion poo on one of our walks. We know it was scat (poo) because it had fur in it! We did see some Cowboys riding their horses in Monument Valley and they waved to us, but the only Indian we’ve seen was in a casino! From Oliver x

  8. Julie says:

    Hey, cheeky monkey Ollie!! Dan wasn’t born THAT many years ago! You’re making me feel even more ancient than I already am! (It was hard work dodging those T Rex’s when he was a baby though!)
    Glad you had a great birthday, sent you an imaginary card, addressed to “The RV full of crazy Walkers, dodging bears and driving on the wrong side of the road, Arches National Park, USA). I’m sure it would have got there, no problem.
    Love to you all, as always, Aunty Julie xx

    • Oliver Walker says:

      Dear Auntie Julie, thanks for the card but still waiting for it to arrive, maybe there is another group of crazy Walkers here? Ollie x

  9. Neil says:

    Great hearing your regular news – keep the posts going and happy for you Adele has arrived. From a wet UK.

  10. Julie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAM! Now, your imaginary card has gone to: “The RV full of Walkers now wearing clean underpants, hurtling through Utah towards Las Vegas so that Dad can get a drink, USA. Should get to you I think.
    Have a smashing day, and when you get to Vegas, keep your Mum, Dad and Dan out of those casinos ! Don’t want your trip cut too short now, do we?
    Lots of love, Aunty Julie xx

  11. Mandy welford says:

    Hey, happy birthday Ollie! Adele, Glad to hear your out there too now ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in south korea having a fab time. Keep exploring ! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hey, thanks for the message and birthday wishes. I think you are trying to usurp us with your world travels, I think you are there on a school trip unless my memory is failing me? We are all fine, now in Vegas and exploring what the City has to offer! Keep in touch and safe travels!

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