To Perth… and the end of the Aussie Road Trip!

The Pink Lake

The Pink Lake

DSC05251The Turquoise Coast was our drive from Kalbarri down to Perth, and lovely it certainly is with gorgeous sandy beaches and masses of wildflowers. The landscape included some added interest in the shape of the strange trees growing sideways near Greenough (caused by incredibly strong coastal winds), the unusual and pearl white mobile sand dunes that are working their way up the coast at a rate of 12 metres per year, and the Pink Lake, coloured from the amount of beta-carotene in the water (same stuff as in carrots!). And of course, The Pinnacles, a vast area of peculiar limestone features that seem to be growing out of the yellow sand.


Then it was on to Perth and Ollie and Cameron were very excited to be staying in a ‘real house’ after our long road trip, staying with their Uncle Tim in his lovely home in Fremantle. It’s a lovely spot, with the Fremantle Markets, Harbour and Café’s all at your fingertips. We even had a ‘grown-ups’ night out at a Jazz Club in Perth, with the boys enjoying a sleepover with Auntie Penny and their cousins Meg & Charlotte! It’s so nice to be with family again!


View of Perth from King’s Park

With Tim, Deb, Charlotte, Megan, Ben & Mark

With Tim, Deb, Charlotte, Megan, Ben & Mark

With Auntie Penny at Kings Park

With Auntie Penny at Kings Park


We also had a nice day at King’s Park, one of our favourite places in Perth, and some time playing on the beach with the boys.

On Father’s Day, Tim cooked a fantastic selection of pizzas for family & friends, including the delicious chocolate & strawberry pudding pizza!

Ben, Megan and the boys also did a day trip cycling around Rottnest Island,(22kms off Fremantle).

Cameron –” I really enjoyed riding around the beautiful Rottnest Island with our cousin, Megan. Oliver and I had races down the steep, smooth roads! The roads are not busy so it is much safer for families. The food at The Bakery was delicious and at a reasonable price. Strangely enough, they even have a Subway that a friend of ours described as the slowest in the world! Some of the beaches are very tempting, but unfortunately we did not have enough time for a swim. The whole island is dotted everywhere with Quokkas, they look a bit like a small wallaby with a rats face! Oliver definitely enjoyed exploring the gun emplacements on Oliver Hill. Oliver said “ It was awesome getting to stand inside gun emplacement and learning how the gun was aimed and fired”. The same 9- inch guns were located all across the Commonwealth during WWII. To sum it up we had a great time at Rottnest Island ☺”

Beautiful Rottnest Island

Beautiful Rottnest Island



With our gorgeous cousins




Finally, we rested our weary heads and did our washing (thanks Tim), stored the camper-trailer & car (thanks again Pen) sorted paperwork, and repacked our backpacks for the next part of our trip – we are off to Vietnam!!


Our trip across the “top end” of Australia has been truly amazing and varied; our 9 -week, 12,000km journey has given us a glimpse into life in the outback of Queensland and The Northern Territory, and the stunning landscape and coastline of WA has given us some real “wow” moments. We were lucky to meet some amazing people on the road too. Sadly, we weren’t able to see everything we would have liked to but on the plus side, we’ve added some new places to our bucket list!!


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2 Responses to To Perth… and the end of the Aussie Road Trip!

  1. Rob Cleeves says:

    Ben (and Family)
    I have really enjoyed following your time around Australia, as you say some real wow moments. Certainly looks like you have had an amazing time and looking forward to the next instalments on your trip through SE Asia.
    regards Rob

    • Adele says:

      Hi Rob, sorry for the tardy reply, we’ve been on a whirlwind tour of Vietnam for the past 2 weeks, and have hardly paused for breath! Really pleased that you’re hanging in there and still following our now prolonged travels! Hope all is well with you and the family, and that the market is favourable? Regards, Ben

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