Where are we going to be? 

Well, here is an outline of our planned itinerary, but like all good nomads we may end up where the wind blows us.

September 2014 – Canada

September – October 2014 – USA

November 2014 –   Brazil

December 2014  –  Argentina & Chile

January – February 2015  –  New Zealand

March –  Aug 2015  –  Australia – (Tasmania, Melb, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin & Perth)

Sep –  Dec  2015 – Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos  & Thailand 

Jan 2016 – Australia – across the Nullabor (Perth-Adelaide-Brisbane)


That’s a lot of countries!   Better get our skates on….






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  1. James says:

    Sounds really good from guess who ……….”……… James

  2. Tim says:

    Can you update me on your Chile dates?

  3. Loretta & Rox says:

    We are following the trail with excitement for you all. You have done and seen some amazing things already. The greatest excitement will be when Adele joins you. hope that is soon!

    • Adele says:

      Hi Loretta & Rox, lovely to hear from you. I have finally made it and you will now see me make an appearance on the blog photos! It took a while to get back to full speed but it’s amazing how quickly I’ve slotted into life on the road. We are really looking forward to catching up with you in Canberra, we think sometime around end of Feb early March. Ax

  4. Jonny, Diptyka and the Girls says:

    Wow what a trip following with great excitement. So pleased Adele has recovered and has now joined you guys for an amazing family experience. The RV looks fabulous and with such an accomplished driver at the wheel to0! Enjoy and look forward to the next instalment. J x

    • Ben Walker says:

      Hi mate, thanks for the note, yes, we’re having an amazing time, can’t believe its 17 years since you and I departed on our last round the world adventure!! The blog is a few days out of date but we’ve finished in the RV now and have a few days in Vegas before heading to LA, and then onto San Diego. I hope you guys are all well and its great that you are following our progress. Keep in touch and love to all. B

  5. Tamara says:

    Great adventure! Can’t wait for the rest. Very interested in seeing South America as I’ve yet to visit!

  6. Loretta & Rox says:

    I am a silly…..just noticed the replies up above ……so enjoy New Zealand and we really look forward to seeing you Mar/Apr. Thanks for replying and will keep a sharper eye on this page in future. The photos reveal you are all looking in fine form.


    • Adele says:

      Hi Rox & Loretta, thanks for the comment. We are having an amazing time and we do have to pinch ourselves at times. Glad to hear I look a bit better than I probably did last time i saw you. We are still coming to Canberra, and it is likely to be March/April, and looking forward to seeing you then. We have just arrived in NZ this week and so far have been sampling the delights of Auckland. I am ashamed to say it’s my first trip here but it was worth the wait! Yesterday on a boat trip we watched Hammerhead Sharks bow-riding the boat, Ollie thought he’d died and gone to heaven! Happy New Year! Axx

  7. Maddie says:

    Hey Cameron,

    It’s me Maddie(school friend) I hope you are enjoying your trip and you have had a really lovelyBirthday. Happy 11th Birthday best wishes to you all

    • Cameron Walker says:

      johm riab sua (Hello) Maddie

      It’s me Cameron(Blog Friend) Thank you for the Email, and yes I really did enjoy my Birthday as I got to spend it on a tropical island in Cambodia! I hope you are enjoying the new school year and the teachers are not to STRICT!

      From C@meron 🙂

    Hope you have a great time today – We have been thinking of you and looking forward to when we can see you again. Love from Bev, Mark and James xxx
    Ps. Just sent an email

    • Cameron Walker says:

      To Mark, Bev and James

      Thank you for the Email, I really did enjoy my birthday on a tropical island in Cambodia and also looking forward to see you guys again!

      From C@meron 😉

      • James says:

        Hi it’s me James (school friend) this looks amazing. I’ve read through all the latest posts and how Ollie is so popular and how your sooooooooo! Tanned. I can’t wait to here all your millions of story’s I mean literally millions.

        Did you get any presents ?
        From James

        (P.S) My email is now contactable it wasn’t before


  9. Loretta and Rox says:

    Hello Adele, Ben, Cameron and Oliver, so pleased to see you are still on the road and what amazing adventures you have had since we saw you earlier in the year. Cannot believe you are still on your travels, but you have certainly put up some mileage. I haven’t read your site for some months and I think I sent a Christmas message, absent mindedly, to UK. We had such a busy four months – Michelle spent four months here with us and has only recently gone back to London. Best wishes for 2016 and all that is ahead of you. I promise to keep a closer eye on your travels so I know where you are next. With our love to you all, Loretta and Rox

  10. Loretta and Rox says:

    Hello Adele, Ben, Cameron and Oliver,

    Where are you?? Have you departed Australia yet, or taken off for another adventure, or just chilling out in Brisbane? We are heading to Portugal via UK of course, and hope to catch up again if we can. We depart 27 April, with a couple of days in London, then back to London early last week of May to depart 29 May.

    Hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to learning your whereabouts??
    Loretta & Rox

    • Adele says:

      Hi Loretta & Rox, we are still here in Brisbane! We did think about going home, but the lure of the warm weather and outdoor lifestyle proved to be too strong. Shame we won’t be in London to see you but we will be down in Canberra again at some stage. Cameron has a school trip there in August. You’ve reminded me to update the blog to let people know where we are now, so I’m onto it. Have a great trip. Adele x

  11. Loretta and Rox says:

    Wow! So the boys have been experiencing Aussie schooling. We look forward to seeing you again in August, that will be fabulous. Actually, we were to be attending a wedding in Brisbane today, BUT, I have had the worst cold ever, lasting since Easter and so we cancelled out yesterday. We are coming up to Noosa in June for 10 days?
    I am doing my utmost to be super healthy and no cold remnants by the time we depart for Europe 27 April.
    Enjoy your time and keep us informed and vice versa!!
    Love Loretta & Rox

    • Adele says:

      Hi Loretta, sorry for not responding sooner, when are planning to be in Noosa, we would love to see you if possible, and could easily drive up from here for the day? We are flying to the UK for 2 weeks on 26 June so hopefully your holiday does not coincide with that? Have a fantastic trip to Europe in only a few days now! Adele, Ben, Cam and Ollie xx

    • Adele says:

      Hi Loretta, Hope to see you in June, we could pop up and meet you one day? I know you are off to Europe next week, hope you have a lovely time. Speak when you get back. All the boys send their love too, Axx

  12. Loretta and Rox says:

    Dear Adele and Ben,
    Hope you and the boys are enjoying that Brisbane winter. We have had a wonderful snow fall here two weeks ago, something that only happens once in a decade or two. Our little mountain close by was covered in the white stuff.
    Apologies that we did not get in touch whilst in Noosa, unforgivable really. BUT, I was just getting over a virus and we discovered that travelling with six other family members, including the two grand-children 4 & 1, was very time consuming. On top of that I have so many family members living in the area and those who travelled up from Brisbane, we were stretched and did not extend ourselves to trekking Brisbane way ourselves. BUT, looks like you will be here for a while by your recent writing, so definitely will contact you next visit to Qld.

    We had a wonderful trip in Europe, though the weather was average all the way. Portugal was really enjoyable and catching up with long lost friends was amazing in Spain and Germany.

    Am now just checking on your visiting dates in August. We should be home most of the month!! Hopefully, we can catch you and you know the beds are always there. Let us know when you expect to be in Canberra, please.

    Lots of love
    Loretta & Rox

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